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Your company can’t afford to have all the best sales people out of the office simultaneously, even though they have qualified for the incentive program?

Our travel vouchers give individuals flexibility to travel where to and when it suits them.  Vouchers allow participants to choose their holiday components based on pre-set company parameters.

Individual “incentives” offer these advantages:

  • Qualifiers choose their own destination / reward
  • Not all your staff are out of the company at the same time
  • Qualifiers travel when it is most convenient for them based on their individual needs or job responsibilities
  • Qualifiers can create their own personal version of an adventure
  • Qualifiers travel rewards are popular with accompanying spouses or family
  • Qualifiers can top up their reward and opt to pay in for a more expensive holiday

When you are looking for an alternative to group travel experience, an individually crafted travel reward can be a powerful motivator that will set your team on the road to success.

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