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Experiences, Not Money or Merchandise, are the Key

new study from the San Francisco State University reaffirms that experiences such as travel rewards have a greater impact than cash or merchandise rewards in keeping employees happy and motivated.

People still believe that more money will make them happy, even though 35 years of research has suggested the opposite.

Cash awards quickly lose their luster, as winners use them to pay off bills and credit cards, and then are quickly forgotten. Experiences such as travel, on the other hand, give winners lasting positive memories that they associate with hard work, loyalty to their employer, and the high value of the experiences.

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The feedback that we got concerning the incentive trips to South Africa in 2009 were AMAZING! Definitely a resounding success story! And they couldn’t shower enough praise on Candice and Pat and how well they were taken care of! Our European customers who were lucky enough to join in this experience are still showing their photo’s around today! In fact – one group consolidated all their photo’s and presented me with a printed photo album of their experiences! Thanks again for the outs…
Maxine Chowles – Sappi Fine Paper Europe South African Incentive Tours 2009